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Here I've included the most commonly asked questions that I receive from those needing cat care. If there are questions that you have that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact me via email and I would be more than happy to promptly answer any questions you have!

Are you the only one that checks on my cat(s)?

Yes! I am not an employer who has people working for me, but a sole proprietor, so I am the only one who will ever access your home while you're away to check on your cat! I will make a minimum of 3 visits to your home daily while you're away and spend about an hour or so visiting with your cat(s).  House care, such as collecting mail and packages, changing lights in the morning and evening as well as plant care are all included.


Do you have references?

Yes, I do have references and am more than happy to share them with you!


Are you insured?

Yes! I am registered in Colorado and insured under American Family Insurance.


Are you able to medicate my cat?

Yes I am able to medicate your cat if your cat is ill or if your cat has a daily regime requiring medication. I do ask that if there are medications to be given that you demonstrate how you are medicating so that I can see how your cat(s) handle the procedure. This enables me to do things as closely to the way you do them in order to reduce the amount of stress on your cat. There are many different ways to medicate cats and I like to be able to mimic you as much as possible for the sake of your cat(s) comfort and happiness. 😸


What happens if my cat gets sick?

If your cat becomes ill or something happens, I will first contact you. If the situation is a true emergency, and I cannot reach you, I will leave a message and proceed directly to your vet or emergency vet, depending on time of day/night. If it is not a true emergency, for example, your cat seems to be getting a mild cold, I will wait to hear back from you on how you'd like to proceed. All vet and emergency vet visit trips are included in my base pricing, so if your cat does need to visit the vet while in my care, there is no additional charge or fee to have me transport your cat to the vet or emergency vet. I do, however, ask that you contact your vet ahead of time to give them your credit card to pay for the visit.


How do you manage access to my house?

When accessing your home for cat-nanny/sitting, I prefer to have a garage or front door code (or guest code, if you prefer). I am not comfortable leaving any doors or windows unlocked while caring for your cat and your house, so I will need some secure form of entry. If you have an alarm, I will also require the code (or guest code) in order to un-arm when entering and arm when I leave. If your house does not have a garage or front door keypad, I will accept a key or garage door opener, but as mentioned, I do prefer keypad entry.


Are you able to watch my cat at your house?

Because I have my own cats, I am normally not able to have guest cats. On rare occasions, I may be able to accommodate established clients, but I always prefer to watch cats at their own homes. It is much more comfortable and less stressful for cats to stay in their own homes when their purrents are away. 😸


Do you meet my cat before scheduling?

Absolutely! I always like to meet both you and your cat(s) beforehand. I like to arrange for a short meet and greet within a day or two after we schedule your cat-nanny/sitting dates. That way you have a chance to meet me and see how your cat(s) and I get along, and if you have any concerns, I can address them at that time! Meet and greets for new clients are a must!


Are you able to dog sit or care for other animals in the house?

My specialty is cat sitting. That being said, I do occasionally dog sit for established clients only where I know the dog.

I am, however, able to care for non-cat small animals (rabbits, chickens, fish, etc.) for new clients as well as existing clients. If you have added pets in your household, I'm happy to explore the possibility of watching over your animal crew, and can give you a quote at our meet and greet!


How do I schedule cat-nanny/sitting?

The best way to schedule with me would be to reach out via email, with your requested dates and information, or by submitting the New Client Form or Existing Client Form. Once you've submitted the client form, if I am available, your dates will be secured on my schedule and I will notify you right away.  You can also call me if that's easier for you. I do not accept text requests for new client cat-nanny/sitting, as I do require the new client information via the submission form. Once we've discussed dates, we can then arrange a time for a meet and greet so that I can meet both you and your cat(s). If the meet and greet goes well and you'd like to confirm your cat-nanny/sitting dates, I will then ask for the deposit and have you complete my New Client form if you haven't already done so. Once I have your deposit and client form, you're all set!

There is no meet & greet requirement for established clients, so I just ask that you complete the Cat Nanny Reservation form and make the deposit to confirm your service dates with me. This can all be done online if you'd like. Once I receive your Reservation, I will contact you via email, text, or phone call (whatever you prefer) to confirm your away dates!

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