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Current Pricing Special when booked by June 10th, 2024:

    * $5 off per day pricing for all New Cat Care Client

     * $5 off per day for ALL Cat Care of 6 days or longer

I am located in the Applewood area of Golden, CO, and am available for in-home cat care in the area West of Kipling St, South of 44th Ave,  North of Colfax, and into the city of Golden.  If you are outside of this area, and in need of an in-home cat nanny/sitter, please contact me and we can discuss your location and whether I may be able to help with your cat care needs!

Location Availability

Basic Vacation & Away Pricing

$45.00 per 24-hour time frame for up to 2 cats

My Cat Care services are priced a little differently than some, as my pricing is per 24-hour period of time and is pro-rated for 1/2 days. Pricing is not per visit or length of visit and I normally visit each cat client's home several times per day for approximately one to two hours or so.

INCLUDED in basic pricing:

  • Playtime, pets, any needed snuggle time, and brushing (if desired)

  • Feeding, per your cat's feeding schedule and water freshened

  • Litter boxes are cleaned a minimum of twice daily

  • mail & and package collection, plant watering (if needed), interior and exterior lights changed morning & evening (if needed), and any other house care requests you might have.

  • Photos and/or videos are sent to your cell regularly, and any request to 'FaceTime' with your cat is also included. FaceTime must be prearranged for obvious reasons (😸)

  • My flat rate does include up to 2 cats. If you have 3 or more cats, I do ask for an additional $3 per cat above the included 2 cats!

Extra Add On's for Vacations/Away

  • Medications: $3/per cat, per day, no matter how many times a day medication(s) needs to be given, and this is also per cat, not the number of medications. I do ask for a medication schedule and demonstration of medication administration prior to your departure. There are many tricks and ways to medicate cats and having you demonstrate how you do this gives me a better understanding of how your cat handles the process. This way I am prepared and able to medicate your cat in a way that causes the least amount of stress.


  • Sub-q fluids and insulin$12/per day, per cat, no matter how many times per day to be administered. Again, I do ask for a schedule and demonstration prior to your departure.

  • Cat Walks: $5 per cat, per day, up to 2 outings each day. if you're one of those cat people like I am, and harness your cat for outside walk time, I am more than happy to do this! I do restrict harness walks to backyards only, as I don't want to have a situation where the cat gets spooked by cars or dogs and could potentially get hurt.



Ala Carte & Specialty Cat Care Services

If you work and are gone during the day and need someone to administer medications or just check in with your cat for some playtime, I'd love to help you out! I am available any time during the week for cat nanny checks and/or medications, so please feel free to inquire about day-to-day or occasional Cat Nanny services and pricing.

Daily medication services: $12/per day, per cat if your cat needs meds while you're at work.

If you have any special requests not included on my site, please inquire, as I'm up for almost anything that involves helping out cats and their people!  I'd be happy to give you a quote on a service you may need that I don't have listed!



VISITS: My standard number of visits per day is 2 to 3. While cats can be independent, they know when their people are gone and many need reassurance and extra attention. All visitations are included in my basic pricing. I do not charge per visit, but per 24-hour period.


ACCESS: For access to your home while cat-nanny/sitting, I prefer to use a garage/house door code (guest code, if you prefer) or garage door opener, but I can use a door key. I also require any alarm codes and instructions on how to arm and disarm. For alarm systems, you can always program a guest code into the system for me to use, as well. If anyone other than myself has access to your home (maid, relatives, contractors, etc), I do need to know who and require this in writing. If you have any scheduled services or anyone who will be accessing your home or yard while I’m cat-nanny/sitting, please let me know, as well.


Cancellations: I completely understand that life happens. I do not normally have a cancellation charge, except during holidays (Easter, Spring Break, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). For any cancellations, I would appreciate your notifying me as soon as you possibly can. 😸 Any cancellations with less than a 7-day notice during the holidays listed above may incur a cancellation fee.

Deposits & Payments: To secure and reserve cat-nanny/sitting services I do ask for a 50% deposit, which is applied toward scheduled cat-nanny/sitting and is completely refundable if your travel plans change, except during Holidays as mentioned above.

Holiday Deposits & Scheduling: During the Holidays mentioned above, I require a 50% deposit, refundable up until 7 days prior to your planned departure. 😸 Please be sure to schedule your Holiday cat-nanny/sitting early and as soon as you have your travel plan dates. As you can imagine, Holidays are a very busy travel time, which means my schedule fills up quickly.

Payments:  I accept cash, Zelle, PayPal, & for deposits and service payments. Deposits made will secure and confirm cat-nanny/sitting services on the dates you've requested and payment in full is due on the day cat-nanny/sitting services begin and prior to your departure.

Your Pet:  I ask that all potential and new clients complete my New Client Form, or if you’re an existing client, that you complete the Existing Client Form when making any reservations for your cat(s) care. Please be specific with feeding instructions, medications, and cat personalities! 😸

Your Cat's Safety: While you're away, your cat's health, wellness, safety, and emotional well-being are my primary focus while I am in charge of his/her care and I will do everything I can to ensure that your cat is happy and safe! That being said, I do ask that we do a walk-through of your home prior to your departure to make sure there aren’t any potential hazards and that you do a final safety check before leaving.  Walk-throughs can also be done at initial meet & greets if you decide you'd like to use my cat-nanny/sitting services at that time.

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